Call Me Crazy

While I may deeply regret starting off my first of hopefully a series of blogs meant to display my faith, passion and utmost love for my one and only baseball team, the bronx bombers themselves, the New York Yankees, in this way, I must say this: I was looking forward to seeing Roy “Doc” Halladay putting forth a much more dominant performance to the baseball gods this afternoon. 

This is one man of whom I have unending respect for, a man who has dominated the decade in a way few others have. From 2001-2008 (and 2009 pending), his highest ERA was 4.20 in 04′. The second highest ERA in the 9 year span? 3.71, including various years where his ERA dips to around the “2” line. If thats not enough for you non believers I have another statistic to throw at you. From 2001-2008 his highest WHIP (average base runners allowed every inning) was 1.35, and most other WHIPs for the end of the season were hovering around the “1” mark. The man has a career average 1.20 WHIP people! Even averaging his worst starts into the equation, the man over an 11 year span has an average of a person and a fifth of a person (maybe one arm or leg perhaps?) on base per inning. To sum it up, this man is a god pitching to mere mortals on the mound. 

While his outing wasn’t a superb, Doc-esque performance we have become oh so accustomed to seeing every 5 days, it wasn’t awful for arguably his worst start of the season. 7 IP, 9 hits, 5 ER, 3 walks, 3 Ks and a career high-tying 3 home runs allowed. Complete game his next start anyone? 

While I am done praising his mere existence for the time being, I’d just like to finish with this thought: If I were a major league hitter (don’t even get me started on why I am not) I would piss my pants at the thought of having to hit against him. 

Ok Yankee fans, I’m done drooling at the mouth for now. What we’ve all been waiting for: Yankee talk. The Yankee who really stole the show and my attention today was one who has been doing so all year, but as a nice refreshing July 4th treat, today he attracted positive attention, as opposed to the negative attention that has surrounded him almost routinely this season (ahem 34.50 ERA anyone?) I suppose that gave it away, but yes, the man of the hour is Chen Ming Wang. 

His 11-4 ground outs to fly outs ratio was all I needed to see, securing the fact that, drum roll please, maybe his sinker is sinking after all. Along with an effective sinker, his fast ball was working well, and he effectively mixed in a nice slider. Just when I was about ready to sing his praises and give that man my seal of approval, an air high five towards the TV, a sore shoulder comes along. To quote Mr. T “I pitied the fool.” Course of action? Keeping all the black cats and tall walkable-under ladders out of his way and buy excess amounts of salt to throw over his shoulder (but one helping of yankee stadium fries should do the trick). 
Among other game highlights include home runs by Posada, Matsui and Damon and an exciting walk off win by previously mentioned Jorge Posada. Is it just me, or are the ESPN offices commercials with Posada walking by and every office room letting out a symphonic “Hip Hip Jorge!” cheer absolutely hysterical? 

And perhaps I’ve even left out the best part of the day: the anniversary of the famous, heart melting speech by the Yankees very own Lou Gehrig. Seeing the footage of the speech was a truly touching experience, only complimented by the patches worn by all the players today. 

As for tomorrows baseball action: All Star Game selection show (Nick Swisher for “Write-In” all the way and good luck Tex, Youks got nothing on you!!), the sox getting swept by the Mariners at fenway for the first time in 8 years and the Yankees hopefully winning, tying the sox for first in the AL east. Oh yeah, and Pujols continuing to be so hot, I could toast marsh mellows on him. 

Signing off for now
-Inside the thought bubble

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    Until this season I don’t think Halladay has gotten the publicity he deserves. He has been one of the most dominant pitchers of the decade and has gone almost unnoticed because he plays in Toronto. It’s a shame such a fantastic talent flew under the radar for so long.

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